Italian Long distance championship: 6th


This time there were everyone; no other international races in the same time, no one was injured, no one was missing: the best long distance runners were at the start of San Genesio’s Long distance championship, few kilometres far but 1000m above Bolzano. As the starting list was not extremely good, there weren't a lot of surprises in the final results, with the victory of the new-naturalized Italian runner Mikhail Mamleev before the two financiers Tavernaro and Rigoni. 6th place for me, in 1h38’, behind Negrello (U.S. Primiero, 4th) and Schgaguler (TOL, 5th) with Seppi (CUS Bologna), Corona (Esercito), Seidenari(Forestale) and Maddalena (Svizzera) completing the top ten.

My race: the course (14,1 km + 515m) was composed by two similar loops, with a map-change after 7,5km; my purpose, in a so long race, was looking for a quite perfect race under the technical view and try to avoid physics crisis to not compromise the relay of the next day, the main goal of the week-end for our team. The minutes before the start were troubled: an air bubble in my compass grown while I was running up to the pre-start and the control description I forget at the finish area (I started without it..) compromised part of my warm-up. Luckily I could find the right concentration shortly before the start trying to minimize the incidents.

As you can see in my race maps, during the race I didn’t make big mistakes; as I'm not very accustomed with 1:15000 maps, I was forced to make some little mistakes near the control (particularly, control 5 and 11 of both the loops) and often I was forced to slow down my speed to read carefully the map and to limits some bigger mistakes (like in the 2nd control of the race).

The first loop was surely the most suitable for my characteristics, with a lot of controls (never simply) that asked the maximum attention and there wasn’t a pure running leg; I made the biggest mistake at the 9th control, when I found a big stone in the slope among ferns that  forced me to searching the flag some dozens of meters before the control, before I could realize that that stone wasn’t mapped.

In the second loop, quite involuntarily, I started to think at the relay of the next day, and also in the easier legs I didn’t put my speed up to 100%.  Whit the hindsight, it’s good the way it went.

Italian’s relay championship: GOLD MEDAL!

IT’S A GOLD MEDAL. Three regular legs, in the same order of the two past years (Seidenari-Tenani-Pagliari), that permitted us to repeat the victory of the 2004 and to redeem the 3rd spot of the last year, winning one of the most beautiful relay that has ever run in Italy, before TOL (Widmann-Rass-Schcaguler) and Fiamme Gialle (Baccega-Rigoni-Tavernaro).
Months ago this race became OUR main goal: we couldn’t count on a individual gold medal but we could count on our good regularity, relay is the most suitable race for our characteristics. Thanking the excellent first leg of Giacomo (3rd but in fact 1st) I could ran my race as planned before: a calm start in the beginning slope and safety technique, trying to never loose the contact with the map. This tactic probably slow down my speed in some legs, but let me to arrive in the lead and physically ok at the butterfly, that means the most challenging technical part of the course, with a lot of crossing suited to simplify the job of the TV operators.

The course-setter purpose on this controls was probably to stress the runners with continuous changing of direction and line’s weaving; unfortunately I had a little of “sea-sickness” and I made the most important imprecisions of my race: some indecision near the controls (flag 12 and 14) and two 45" mistakes at 17th and 21st controls.
There the fastest part of the course started, where I could cast all my remaining energies, that were more than I had expected, changing with Denny Pagliari in the lead with 2’ before the pursuers. With a great leg, our captain kept the leadership, finishing our race in 2h28’09’’.


1)     G.S. Forestale 2h28’09’’

2)     TOL 2h32’54’’

3)     Fiamme Gialle 2h34’23’’

4)     US Primiero 2h35’06’’

5)     CUS Bologna 2h39’13’’

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